Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi from rps

Sorry I haven't posted anything for so long, but I forgot how to do it!!!!

Well the opening went off fantastically. It was fun but hectic. My throat was worn out from talking so much. The official speeches were good and Steve gave me a few laughs as well. It was fantastic to be sharing this exhibition with twelve other people who have put so much effort into making top quality work. I was excited to show them off to my family and friends. It was exciting to see that there were quite a few red dots (and half dots) beside prints - I know that this is not the aim of the game, but it is nice to be able to pay some of the framing costs off the credit card!

Sorry I haven't got any photos to pass on - I forgot my camera (Thanks to Melinda for taking some for me on her camera). Now that the exhibition is on its way it is time to think of what to create next. I might try and concentrate on methods that don't need a press. Should be interesting.


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