Monday, August 23, 2010


TIP I. I read in a book somewhere that you could use a SHARPIE pen as an acid resist. I was a bit skeptical (as I am about most things - except climate change). But !! on the weekend I made a test plate using my new batch of ferric chloride, and I used a SHARPIE pen to rule up the squares, and write the minute numbering in each square (mirrored of course). And..... lo and behold - when I had finished and cleaned up the plate, the lines and numbers masked by the SHARPIE ink were untouched by the ferric chloride. Surely a technique worth further experimentation.

Tip II. I bought the above mentioned ferric chloride in liquid form from Neil Wallace - In the past I have made it up from crystals - buying it ready made wins hands down in my book (I haven't done a cost analysis). * The liquid can't be mailed - so if you can't get to Melb you're stuck with mail order crystals OR (TIP III) ask you know who if she'll get you some next time she goes up :-). JM


  1. Hi John,

    Do you mean a basic sharpie black texta that you buy a officworks etc? Thanks for the tip on the liquid ferric chloride - that is how I will do it.

  2. Yes Rob - common garden variety black Sharpie. Mine just says "Sharpie permanent marker". Not sure what its ink recipe is.

  3. Thanks for the tips John.
    A Sharpie marker would be a heck of a lot quicker drying than the old bituminous liquid. Will have to try and get back into some etching.
    (It's only taken me 5 months to work out how to comment)