Monday, August 16, 2010


Well I went and picked up my press on Saturday and I must say it a visually pleasing piece of work! I chose the Junior Etching Press. It specifications are : overall weight 45 kg, roller diameter 65mm top and 55mm bottom, bed length 800mm, width 400mm, bed thickness 20mm. I upgraded to a solid ground steel bed. Basically I can print up to a A3 sheet of paper which will suit me for now. It is a portable press if needed - two people can lift it. I purchased it from Neil Wallace Printmaking Supplies in Fitzroy in Victoria and most presses are made on the premises. Cost was $1115 and it came with a 3mm blanket, two tins of ink, and a plastic sheet for registration. I also purchased a thicker blanket of 6mm for an extra $46 (I think). If you type Neil Wallace into your google searcher you will find the site.

Here are some photos. It sits very solidly on the table - eventually I may bolt it directly on. You can buy a stand for it for an extra $200 odd dollars, but I felt I could get away with it.

Lets see what I can produce.



  1. How wonderful. It looks gorgeous I feel lots of fantastic work will come off that press. I am saving up for one so I will be interested to follow how you find it.

  2. Congratulations on the new edition to your family Robyn.

  3. Well done Rob - you've eliminated one reliable excuse for not getting work done - NO PRESS !!!

  4. what a great press, really good price too!
    I have been scanning the internet in recent weeks looking for an affordable etching press.
    Looks like I have found what I will be spending my Christmas market money on hehe!