Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am still alive

Well I have been trying to produce some work. I have many things on the go, but not any perfected yet. I have been really frustrated and wondering if printmaking really is for me - the organisation and cleanliness required is incredibly painful and restricting. I don't think that there is a work space big enough to cope with me. Perhaps I just haven"t found my process yet.

I did a reduction print using my safe wash caligo inks on silk cut. On the final roll, which is with black, it seems to have taken off tiny spots from the two previous colors. When I take the plate off it is covered with tiny blue and coral spots, resulting in a speckled print. Any ideas? I think I might multiple plate method and not reduction lino cuts for a while.

The picture of the print I have uploaded is done without the final black that keeps stuffing up. I have two left and I am just going to keep them the way that they are.




  1. Robyn, that is great! Love the colours you have used. Speckling, hmmmmmmmmm! Would have to see it. G.

  2. Maybe the ink wasn't sufficiently dry, and was thus able to "let go" and glue itself onto the wet black ink on the plate !! I've had similar issues in the past - BUT, don't let it get you down, I've yet to do a print that worked perfectly in all respects - if I do get a good one, I then manage to put a fingerprint on the edge or get dust on it... there's always something. And don't forget, nobody looks as closely at your work as YOU do !

  3. John I think you are right. I think that I underestimated how long these inks take to dry, or perhaps I have laid them on too thick. I left them for a week before attempting the black ink, but perhaps it needs longer. I might go back to water based relief inks for this sort of thing. Any way thanks. I am going to check out the exhibition on at the Wintergarden this weekend. I look forward to seeing your painting.

    cheers rps

  4. I know what you mean about feeling whether you are suited to printing or not! I think we all feel like that at times. You do lovely work so I would just keep going. I love it as it is.