Friday, December 17, 2010

Deconstructed prints

Couldn't resist having a go at the deconstructed print style that Gaye demonstrated on one of her previous posts.

This is an interesting technique, particularly when you just feel like churning through the work (and paper). I have now got a stack of prints that will probably become backgrounds for other works or cut up to make cards and things.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Printmaking Workshop - Intermediate Fabric Printing

The following workshop is in need of at least one other participant to go ahead. Several of the Friday Printmakers will be attending. Take a look at www. for further details.

If further information is required, or you want to attend please email: asap to indicate your intentions.

Office Hrs: Wed- Fri (11- 1.30 & 2- 5), Gallery: Wed- Sat (11 – 1.30 & 2-5)
Firestation Print Studio, 2 Willis Street (just off Glenferrie Road), Armadale, VIC 3143
Tel: 03 9509 1782 & E-mail:
Visiting Artists Program
Intermediate Fabric
with Rhett Kilner
One Day Workshop
Sunday, 23 January
11.00am – 4.00pm

Ants III by Rhett Kilner
Course Content
Process: Colour printing onto fabric using print-ready intaglio and lino plates.
This course will introduce new techniques to competent printmakers wanting to explore a
world away from printing on paper, introducing them to the opportunities and possibilities
of fabric, using their own plates. Many of the techniques will be used in unison, giving a
textured and layered effect to the chosen cotton fabric. Fabric printing is a versatile
process and widely recognized as an essential element of fabric design.
As students will have a prior understanding of printmaking, they will be directed in
combining their existing knowledge with this exciting new technique. Each student will
print his or her own images and apply colour prints onto their chosen fabric. This class
will allow students to produce unique artworks that are both functional and individual.
All heath and safety requirements are in place, solvent free clean up. Classes are limited
to six students so as to provide the very best experience and access to the teacher’s
attention and time.
Office Hrs: Wed- Fri (11- 1.30 & 2- 5), Gallery: Wed- Sat (11 – 1.30 & 2-5)
Firestation Print Studio, 2 Willis Street (just off Glenferrie Road), Armadale, VIC 3143
Tel: 03 9509 1782 & E-mail:
Students will create printed fabrics to use in a variety of applications. Participants will be
provided with new opportunities and a range of possibilities to explore and develop in
their own art practice.
What To Bring
Students are asked to bring their previously completed plates and chosen fabrics to print
on. Please bring cotton based materials if you are intending to be able to heat set in a
clothes dryer or using a hot iron. I.E cushion covers, t-shirts, tea towels, canvass, etc.
However if you are not worried about the process of heat curing the chosen fabrics I.E
you will be stretching the artwork over a frame to hang, you could consider fabrics like
silk, synthetics with some cotton, lycra or other to print onto.
Please bring plates to fit within the dimensions 45cm by 65cm, and cotton fabric size to
match. Smaller pieces are fine also. The plates can be copper, zinc, steel, aluminum,
photo polymer or lino, as each plate will already be processed and ready to ink-up.
unetched plate {Maple Leaf} Printed on black cotton{Maple Leaf etching}
Office Hrs: Wed- Fri (11- 1.30 & 2- 5), Gallery: Wed- Sat (11 – 1.30 & 2-5)
Firestation Print Studio, 2 Willis Street (just off Glenferrie Road), Armadale, VIC 3143
Tel: 03 9509 1782 & E-mail:
About Rhett Kilner
Rhett Kilner works and resides in Melbourne. He has studied printmaking at National Art
School, Sydney, Horsetsia College Of The Arts, London and at London Print Studio, in
conjunction with Brighton University. In 2004 Rhett established his own clothing label
Bronzen Temple Prints from which his highly detailed etchings started appearing on tshirts
and textiles. Textile designs from Bronzen Temple Prints retail both overseas and
in Melbourne. “The Dancing Queen” fabric store, in Richmond, Melbourne have
purchased and printed various Bronzen Temple Prints designs. Large scale printing is
one of Rhett’s primary interests. Wearable artwork is his second love. Rhett has
previously taught etching, photo etching and screen-printing in both London and in
Australia and has exhibited overseas and in Australia and New Zealand. Currently Rhett
is planning his next exhibition in Melbourne for 2010 and developing his new website.
To book a place on this exciting new course contact Edith at the Studio, ph 9509 1782
Wed-Fri, 11-1.30 & 2-5
& Payment Details
Bendigo Bank, East Malvern Branch
Acc Name: Firestation Print Studio
BSB: 633 000
Acc no: 1388 03457
Payments must be received before a course place can be booked.
A minimum of 4 students is required to hold each class.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A different technique

Hi All, Have been trying a new technique. It is called "breakdown printing". The good thing is that I haven't had a "breakdown" yet. Will leave one image. Wonder if you can work out how I made it?

Where is everyone else? Where is your work? Hopefully we will see some more on the blog in the next couple of days.

Inkfusion was a great exhibition. Well done! G.