Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dim Sims with ammonia sauce ?

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday I completed the APW's "The coloured etching" workshop, with Martin King. The workshop explored several different ways to introduce extra / multiple colours into etchings. It also covered familiar ground regarding plate preparation etc - a worthwhile exercise, because it's good to see the subtle and not so subtle differences in the way different operaters........ operate.... . One notable / amusing thing I learned was that an alternative (better I think) recipe to ammonia and whiting for degreasing copper plates is.....wait for it......SOY SAUCE and whiting - Instead of gagging on the fumes, you get a bit hungry. At lunchtime on Saturday I returned from lunch, to find the gallery swarming with familiar faces from Brougham (including 2 Friday Printmakers) - They were on an extensive gallery crawl.
The APW facilities are top notch - plenty of room for the 9 students, and very little time spent waiting to use a press etc. Highly recommended - 5 Stars.


  1. Hopefully soy sauce won't addle the brain as much as ammonia does!!! Oh yes how come I hadn't known about the Brougham gallery crawl??? E.

  2. Sounds like a great experience. Wish I could have been there. G.