Sunday, February 27, 2011

List of Exhibitors for Printmakers@Geelong Exhibition

This Saturday past, many of the exhibitors attended a meeting at the Shearer's Arms Gallery, Aberdeen St, Geelong West to discuss the various elements that go together to stage an exhibition.

The exhibition will be titled: Printmakers@Geelong. Monday 12th September - Sunday 2nd October 2011. Official opening: Wednesday 14th September 6pm. The Gallery hours are Mon-Fri 11 - 5pm, Sat and Sun 1-4pm.

Exhibitors: (Not in alphabetical order).
John McClumpha,Robyn Sandford,Steve Parkhill,Pam Wansink,Sue Grossman,Leeanne Wright,Lynette Palmer,Sheila Muratori, Melinda Gregory, Maija Vasils,Cas Duff,Jill Giles,Fred Vahland, Therese Vahland,Jenny Holmes,Marj Harrison,Marieke Inei,Janet Cattlin, Janet Baird,Marcus Hull,Patsy Bush,Judith Bennett,Brooke Eberle,Ray Wood,Bronwyn Sturrock, Elizabeth Saxon, Jennifer Ford,Bill Warren,Gary Elliott,Teresa Culkin-Lawrence and Gaye Nieuwenhof. (30 all up).

If you missed the deadline which was Saturday, rest assured that there is always next year. More time to prepare your work.

Please keep in touch with fellow exhibitors via this blog and even post some of your work as you prepare for the exhibition.

All the best


  1. Looking forward to an exciting exhibition

  2. I see I am number one on the exhibitors list... what does this mean ???

  3. Hi John, Just means I started typing and your name ended up top of the list. No pressure!

  4. Hi, just found your blog via Patsy! Just wanted to inform you of what will be going on in Ballarat in July 2011... Paper Arts @ the Winter school... click here for all the info