Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love it, hate it, love it, hate it!

Recently I read this sentence in another blog where the artist was speaking of her process. She stated that she just starts to work and then goes on this roller coaster ride of love/hate until she feels the work has been resolved. It strikes me as how many of us work. Never quite sure if it is working out or not. We always hear it is the journey that is important and I would have to agree when it comes to making art. It would be great if contributors to this blog could write a little about their process and how they go about making the work. Maybe it could be revealed what the preferred technique is?

The above image is an encaustic monotype with graphite drawing. Title: Looking at sand. The print is on Hosho light paper encased in encaustic beeswax.

I am happy to start: My work is always about the environment. I love rock forms and aerial views. Texture forms a great part of my collagraphs but I also like to work in various other media including encaustic, screen prints (unconventional techniques) solarplate, waterless lithography and monotypes to name a few. Combining any or all of these techniques produces hybrid prints which I find really exciting.

Now, someone else has the talking stick.

yf Gaye

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