Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hi from RPS

Hi there. Long time no see. Thank you to everyone who made it to the opening at Gallery 135 - I had a great time. Also thanks to everyone who will see it before it finishes. It is well worth the drive down - I love John's, Gaye's, Steve's and Pips work. There is something for everyone. So if you haven't been yet come on down, grab a coffee at Drysdale or continue on to Portarlington where there are a couple of more galleries along with plenty of places to get great food and coffee.
What a buzz! Its so amazing because you feel like you aren't going to make the deadline but you do!! I need goals like this to keep me focused and on my toes. Looking forward to July - so I say now.

This is a shellac etching of a pierced ear, but I am in the process of changing into a surrealist feature in a landscape - perhaps it will become a dinosaur head. I will post the final image later.


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  1. Ditto from JM - thanks for coming everyone. Pierced ear ! Dinosaur head ! What have you ben smoking RPS?