Monday, August 29, 2011

You are invited

Printmakers @ Geelong is a group of 28 Artist Printmakers coming together for their first exhibition. Their charter is to further  Printmaking as a contemporary art form. As the name suggests, we are from the Geelong region. Their role is to both educate and engage the general public and art lovers to enquire about today's printmaker.

There has been a resurgence of interest in the print over the past decade and indeed the following is growing. Gradually, the public is understanding that there is more to printmaking than books alone. Printing has played a major role throughout history as a form of mass communication mostly using the written word. Indigenous peoples made hand and footprints to get their message out. The artist printmaker is looking for something different. The only way the image they want, can be produced, is through this medium, to visually convey their message.

Around the Gallery you will find examples of some of the techniques utilized by the Printmakers to make the images before you. The terminology will intrigue you.

You are invited to not only view the exhibition, but to question the Printmakers to enable a deeper understanding of the processes used to make this work.

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